A huge number of questions on the forums, and sometimes even themselves forum devoted to the issue of the correct choice of the toilet. In fact there are good reasons, because this purchase is not a day, not even for a month. This is the kind of thing that should serve you any one year. And only on the correct choice depends on the toilet, what emotions the important thing is you have to call all these years. It is also a mistake with the choice of toilet can even affect your health.

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WC - thing needed in every home, and on the correct choice made will be very much depend. So how do you choose correctly, the toilet, so it was convenient to all without exception in the family? How to choose a model that will serve for many years without any problems and do not spoil the effects of aggressive cleaning agents plumbers? In this review, we will answer all questions that may arise when choosing a toilet.

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Some people may think that by choosing a toilet treated seriously do not need to, not seeing the difference among different models. But there is a difference, and it is significant. Some models can be created on your thigh muscles strong load that nothing positive in itself does not carry.

General recommendations how to choose the toilet

How to choose a toilet

Determine the choice of the toilet in the first place will not prevent to determine the necessary amount. If the average apartment only one toilet, the public spaces or large private homes often has several toilets.

To problems with the installation did not arise, it is necessary when choosing the right toilet need to consider the type of your system flow.

We must also take into account the construction of asking, how to choose a toilet. For example, there are two types of fixing for the tank: separate mounting and sharing.

The joint allows fastening to attach directly to the toilet tank, separately and mount to affix bachek at some distance from the toilet bowl, but is considered less reliable fixation.

Nowadays plumbing already is not always just a functional object. Now the development of plumbing, including toilets, are engaged in the real designers, and there's the choice of a toilet bowl - an individual matter. But in our country still more attention to the functionality than any parameters appearance inherent more luxury models. Although our review will focus on models representing the class, the focus will still be paid more affordable and easy to representatives of this type of plumbing.

In the past, though not paid any significant attention to hygiene. Often the aristocracy could defecate directly into the living room, in any capacity, pitchers, vases, etc. Of course, now it seems to savagery. Now at our disposal special cozy room - toilets that allow a person to retire with his needs.

Currently uses a variety of ceramics for the production of toilet bowls. Most often used for the production of toilet porcelain or china. In these materials the same composition, but the difference in firing technology allows eventually get different material properties. Porcelain bathroom equipment is more durable. porcelain strength is caused by the smaller amount of air contained in them.

You may notice that there are different kinds of forms of "necks" in the toilet. When choosing the form should take into account the type of drainage in your drains. With respect to form and drain systems of toilet tank, these criteria are more dependent on the location in which the toilet is used.

How to choose a toilet "on the spot"

How to choose a toilet

To provide comfort when using the toilet, it is necessary to pay attention to his size, height, length, width, and the form in which it is made, it is necessary that these parameters are those which do not create discomfort.

First of all you need to know the options that you have come to the best, you know it will only practice, action "at random" when choosing a toilet unacceptable. We recommend asking, how to choose a toilet in the store - did not hesitate, and lifting the lid, a little sit down in it, because you buy item is not for a couple of days, this item should last you any one year, and then, it is the most simple and effective way to choose the right model for you, look at the same position on the convenience of the legs and pelvis.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the leg muscles, they should be relaxed, should not feel any discomfort. If you will experience some minor discomfort, over time they can develop into much more serious problems. Of course, to such inconveniences as possible and get used to, but it is better to avoid these inconveniences, if you take seriously the selection process.

Foremost, originally prepared pieces toilet tank and bowl are.

How to choose a toilet bowl

There are three types of toilet bowls:

Variation cup depends on many factors, for example, the place and the water drainage holes method.
Belleville toilets represent a special cup inside the bowl is a special platform, it looks like a plate. Such toilets are convenient its hole, in which the water comes only up to a certain level. When defecation, thanks to a form does not occur strong spray.

Unlike the poppet, in toilet bowls funnel there are problems with some of the water hitting the body. Internally, the device of the toilet is a funnel, in which the hole is located, often in the middle. Choosing a toilet funnel, it is completely save you from any splashes during flushing.

There are also kozyrkovye toilets, which can be called a kind of compromise. Internals such toilets are most similar to the platform that is at an angle, in this arrangement to have virtually no water will fall.

How to choose a tank and drain the toilet

Tanks can be divided into two types: Low and high disposable disposable (suspended).

Most often, in recent times, the choice of toilet can be found in stores toilets with low disposable reservoir. The reasons for this are several.

The first of these reasons is that these tanks look more modern and more solid than tanks suspended. Furthermore, such tanks visually increase the room.

The second reason is that the low disposable tanks are easier to install. This is particularly important if you plan to set your own tank.

The third reason is that the tanks, which are low, it is easier to maintain. At any moment it is possible to clean the tank from dust or disinfected.

However, there is one advantage and hanging tanks, it's true, is not so obvious. The fact is that when when draining water from this reservoir becomes more intense pressure, which provides better lavage. This is due to the fact that the water at the sink with a highly established tank gets higher speed while doing your way along the stream.

In that case, if you still chose cistern suspended type, and at home you have a water meter, he recommended to choose the tank that is equipped with a mechanism that controls the amount of water that is drained. This system is similar to the one that is installed on the reservoir nizkoraspolozhennyh.Ochen important factor when choosing a suspended tank are parts of which it consists. Periodically, metal chains on these cisterns are broken, but the rope variants and say nothing. Therefore, we can conclude that the economy is fraught with problems.

How to choose a mount toilet

There are quite a number of materials from which made themselves bowls and cisterns for them. Being interested in the theme of how to choose a toilet, you need to know that there are cast iron products, plastic, porcelain, polufarforovye, samfayansovye, and sometimes even wood. However, the most popular today are the materials - porcelain and faience. And there is practically no difference between the two materials. However, it is better to take the same porcelain, which is securely attached to the enamel, which serves to protect the surface of the product.

Toilets, which are made from different kinds of materials, such as wood, marble, glass, and, in particular, different precious materials - very rarely found on sale, most of these products are made by prior arrangement.

The toilet does not need to be pure white. There is a huge palette of different colorings. If you will need a toilet that has an unusual color, it is better not to take cheap. In the cheapest models used poor-quality coloring materials, the coating can crack very quickly and even get off.

When you choose the toilet, you must be sure to pay attention to the mounting seat and lid. A great advantage for toilet model will be the presence of his metal fastenings for the cover and seat. Metal mounting more reliable and durable. Moreover, such mounting are arranged so that the seat is slightly elevated near fasteners, greatly facilitates cleaning. Yet it should be noted that the metal fixture on almost loosened, allowing the seat to lie still over the toilet rim.

It should be noted that there are other types of toilet bowls. For example, there are toilets that have a hidden drain system. In such a system there is a hidden water tank, it is built into the wall at a certain depth. With this structure facilitates cleaning and releases a lot of space.

Not so long ago in our country came into fashion a bidet, the system washes not only the toilet, but also some parts of the human body, then the body can drain the air pressure at a controlled temperature.

When choosing a toilet it is necessary to determine the amount you are willing to spend. You also need to decide on the toilet seat in the dressing room, choosing the right place depends on the communication situation. After you need to define the position of the tank, its type.

How to choose a toilet: budget

How to choose a toilet

Based on the criteria of price, one can distinguish three types of toilets. Taking that classification as a guide, you can plan your budget precisely enough to solve the problem of choosing a toilet.

Budget models - to this category are many domestic models, it does not mean that they are inferior, just in these models are not imposed many taxes. If you have a very limited budget, domestic models you are perfect. Moreover, they are not inferior in quality to foreign models, which relate to the average price segment.
Average price category - to this technique include the model of neighboring countries. Consumers in Russia are well-known models such as they have a high level of reliability and quality.
Premium class - in the Russian market more often there are models in this price category from Austria, Sweden, Germany.
However, the price does not have to depend on the country in which the toilet was made. Price may vary depending on the manufacturer, - the well-known brands sometimes do markups. Also, the price depends on the design features and extra functions, we will write about them below.

How to choose the design of the toilet bowl

Structural features greatly affect the functionality and usability of the toilet, the toilet should therefore choose with attention to design. Produced selection of an appropriate "home of the throne", on the basis of several criteria:

model (compatible or separate);
kind of fixing a toilet (wall-mounted or floor-standing);
toilet bowl;
the material from which the toilet bowl is made.
In total on the market represented by type 2 toilets - suspended and floor. At the same floor models have a subclass of "wall-mounted" models.

Models mounted on the floor, it is necessary to purchase if the purchase sum calculated is not very high. Such models are better suited to washrooms that have a decent area. Also, there are near-wall squat toilet, they differ in the possibility of installing toilets with a small area. These toilets are mounted flush with the wall, the-thus saving a lot of space. It should also be noted toilets with concealed drainage system, the system also saves quite a lot of space.
Suspended models tend to buy in when the toilet has a limited area. Do not worry that this will fall off the toilet, these models can easily withstand loads up to 400 kg, so you can not worry that the design is in a false position. There is a large selection of such toilets, fitted with hidden drain system, such systems operate almost silently and occupy a small area. Suspended option can save you a lot of space.
Solving the dilemma of how to choose the toilet, you must decide with what type of toilet is best to install. For example, if you falshsteny, you will need to install a special installation system, especially such a system is necessary in buildings constructed during the Soviet period, in which the communications are separated from the room by using DSP.

There are 2 variants of placing the toilet tank. According to this criterion shared toilets themselves. Joint - they bachek attached directly to the toilet. Separate - there is a tank mounted separately from the toilet.

Selection of appropriate joint toilet in those cases if you are interested easy maintenance and cleaning. These toilets are noisy less than a model with a separate tank that is their huge advantage. In addition, the toilets are easier to install, and it is important, if you are engaged in installing them.
Separate toilets should be selected if you are important health issues. The most important advantage of a single tank can be called the ability to install it at a comfortable height. The high altitude ensures a good flow of water. Among the few drawbacks of this type of tank mentioned the increase of the noise level, the complexity of the installation, as well as the complexity of care.
To save space, use compact toilets, in these models the tank is inserted into the wall, only the controls placed outside. There is another version of the drain device, it generally has no reservoir. The drainage system of the toilet is directly connected to the water supply and drain when water is supplied directly from there.

There is another system, it is conventionally called "American". In this system, the water at the sink fills almost the entire toilet bowl, which ensures spatter. This type is considered very hygienic, the thing is that the water at the sink is not pulled out from the tank, but simply out of a toilet bowl of the sewage system, which ensures the absence of splashing.

How to choose the toilet: the flow of water

Toilets are classified by the method of draining. There are three types of drain water, vertical descent, oblique and horizontal. Choosing a method of lowering the water should come out of the sewer system devices in the home.

Slanting drain for toilets installed in Soviet-built homes. Most of the domestic models are equipped with toilets just such a system.
Vertical drain is used in cases where the sewer pipe the output is directed to the floor. This method of saving drain a large area, but it is not widely applied in our country. It should be noted that this type of water flow is almost impossible to adapt a horizontal way to drain.
The horizontal drain is used if you have at home corresponding drainage system. However, this type of toilet can be adapted under the pipe that goes down. It is very convenient in case if they themselves are engaged in construction, but a way to drain have not yet chosen.
From draining the system depends very much, for example, hygiene and functionality. Different washing systems for different use water and flush type greatly affects hygiene.

Economical flushing system should be selected in the event that you need to reduce water consumption. Such a system has the ability to the amount of water will be discharged. In the event that for you is more important than hygiene, regular drain system will suit you more.

There are two types of flush toilet - upstream and downstream.

Direct Direct driven type drain water flow which moves in one particular direction. In turn, in the reverse direction drain water changes.

The return type of drain is of higher quality, which ensures better hygiene. It should be noted that they are the most expensive toilets that have a return flow system and a system for saving water.

How to choose a "smart" toilet

How to choose a toilet

Toilets can be equipped with a variety of functional, these advanced features can significantly improve ease of use of this type of sanitary ware. However, such bonuses significantly affects the price, and not in the direction of its decrease.

There are toilets, which was originally built in bidet or shower hygienic.